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Traditional braces with their metal brackets, wires, and orthodontic hardware components used to be thought of as a rite of passage for adolescents that wanted a more appealing smile. In recent years, an increasing number of adults have also started to embrace braces to correct preexisting or newly developed alignment problems with their teeth.

In some cases Dr. Nehi Ogbevoen and their orthodontic staff can correct minor alignment problems by providing you with a removable style of clear plastic aligners like Invisalign®. They might be able to adjust your teeth in as little as six to eight weeks.

A more significant deviation in the alignment of your teeth will likely require Dr. Nehi Ogbevoen to install traditional braces in your mouth. You might be interested in having them coat the visible braces hardware with a special dental porcelain material. It that can be shaded to match your natural tooth enamel making it harder for the casual observer to even notice you have braces.

If you live in the Alhambra, California, area and you are unhappy with the alignment of your teeth, you should call 626-458-8898 to schedule a braces consultation with the orthodontic specialists at Beautiful New Smiles.