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An oral or orthodontic appliance is any device utilized to keep your teeth aligned suitably, and these apparatuses can be installed to be fixed or removable, seated inside or outside of the mouth. Here’s a rundown of the types of oral and orthodontic appliances practitioners use:

-Braces come in lots of varieties. Traditional braces include wires, braces, and bands that connect in a system that moves your pearly whites into their proper alignment over time.

-Aligners are unique from traditional metal braces because they are removable. This means you can remove them to consume food, so they won’t take as much time to clean. Most of them are practically invisible, so people may not realize when you’re sporting them.

-Headgear, a well-known but these days less often used oral device, slows jaw growth through a system of straps and wires.

-Retainers are very common dental appliances used to lessen and avert the shifting of pearly whites, primarily after another alignment procedure. Retainers are removable, and they can also be utilized to thwart thumb-sucking.

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