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The braces components installed in your mouth at Dr. Nehi Ogbevoen’s orthodontic clinic have been designed to help gradually correct the alignment of your teeth. This will require routine adjustment sessions where your braces are tightened and tune. Each of these appointments will apply progressive tension to the periodontal ligaments that anchor your teeth in their individual socket.

Tooth decay complications and treatment can potentially interrupt the regular timing of these adjustments. This could increase the amount of time it takes to fully correct your smile. Let Dr. Nehi Ogbevoen know if you’ve been struggling to clean in and around a piece of braces hardware. Many times, they can recommend special oral hygiene tools or techniques to help you maintain good oral hygiene.

Your adjustment appointments are also important for repairing and replacing any pieces of braces hardware that might have suffered some excess wear and tear. If you’ve noticed a problem with any of the orthodontic hardware be sure to let Dr. Nehi Ogbevoen know.

Consistency and regular timing are also important to the adjustment process. If you know of an upcoming scheduling conflict it would be best to set up a new time.

If you have had braces installed at Dr. Nehi Ogbevoen’s orthodontic clinic in Alhambra, California, and you need to reschedule an adjustment appointment, call 626-458-8898 to speak to a staff member at Beautiful New Smiles today!