How Braces Help Your Oral Health

Did you know that braces can help improve your oral health as well as your appearance? Straightened teeth have several benefits, and they aren’t just for children, teens and young adults anymore. Many adults have appreciated the healthier smiles that come with an aligned bite. With the help of brackets, wires, and ligatures (little rubber… Read more »

Tips on Caring for Your Plastic Retainer

If you have a plastic retainer, which is also known as a clear retainer, then you need to care for it regularly so it can stay in tip-top shape and keep your teeth straight and beautiful. Now, our orthodontic team understands that might be a tough task if you’re not sure what to do. So,… Read more »

Common Orthodontic Appliances

An oral or orthodontic appliance is any device utilized to keep your teeth aligned suitably, and these apparatuses can be installed to be fixed or removable, seated inside or outside of the mouth. Here’s a rundown of the types of oral and orthodontic appliances practitioners use: -Braces come in lots of varieties. Traditional braces include… Read more »

Braces: Damage Prevention

Do you know the value of your braces? As you probably know, they will correct the alignment of your teeth. This doesn’t just give you a more alluring smile; it also reduces your chances of suffering dental fractures and enamel attrition. If your braces become damaged or you develop cavities, this will likely increase the… Read more »

Avert Dental Stains with Braces

The brackets that form your braces were cemented onto the faces of your teeth with a strong dental adhesive. This is designed to handle the daily rigors of chewing food and hold strong during routine adjustments. The total number of adjustments Dr. will perform to fully correct your teeth will differ depending on the amount… Read more »

More Adults Are Choosing to Use Braces to Correct the Alignment of Their Teeth

Traditional braces with their metal brackets, wires, and orthodontic hardware components used to be thought of as a rite of passage for adolescents that wanted a more appealing smile. In recent years, an increasing number of adults have also started to embrace braces to correct preexisting or newly developed alignment problems with their teeth. In… Read more »

Orthodontic Emergency Advice

If you have an orthodontic emergency, call our office and explain the problem to our orthodontist or team. You may need to schedule an appointment with us right away or you may be able to do something to alleviate the problem until your next scheduled visit. Dr. and our skilled team will know what help… Read more »

The Invisalign® Process

Getting Invisalign® clear aligners is a process we can walk you through in our office. Here are the general steps you’d take to get Invisalign: Before anything else, you and our orthodontist will decide whether Invisalign is the best choice for your needs. If you decide together that Invisalign is right for you, you’ll move… Read more »

Tips for Cleaning Braces

Do you have braces or are you thinking of getting them? Keeping your braces and other orthodontia clean is essential to ensure normal treatment time and functionality. If your braces are not clean, they cannot function correctly and your oral health treatment time will increase. Listed below are some tips for cleaning braces and other… Read more »

Your Teeth Are Greater When They Are Straighter

The key to optimum oral health is more than just having a pretty smile. Your oral health also consists of having healthy tooth enamel, which is most easily done with teeth that are in their correct alignment. If your teeth are crooked or misshapen, consider orthodontic braces to correct your smile. Your teeth are greater… Read more »